what we do

We inspire and educate people to take action every day t o improve and beautify their community. 

Our Programs

Recycle McCongaughy

10 locations around the lake with free aluminum and plastic recycling

Free Aluminum and Plastic recycling with cardboard and glass recycling in town.

Together we can make a difference

The Beach Crew is community of visitors and locals who lend a helping hand through donating their time by picking up the trash on the beaches. The app is available for both android and Apple.

Recycle at work

We know recycling is done if it is easy,

We provide waste audits, material support, education and collection opportunities for our local and area businesses.    We make it easy at work, at home and at school. 

Western Nebraska Recycling Education Program

KKCB Recycling program is geared for all ages from kindergarden through the 12th grade. We are creating Enviromental stewards to lead into the future.

Upcoming Events

March, 2024

Great American Clean-up

Welcome to the Great American Cleanup (GAC), Keith County’s largest and longest-running community cleanup!

May, 2024

Lake Residents Clean-up

As the lake residents open up for the season, KKCB supplies one day as a free dumpster day with multiple locations around the lake. 

June, 2024

I-80 Clean-up

Sign up for the I-80 Clean up where we are challenging out community to bring everyone together to tackle I-80.