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Who We Are

About Us

We are is an important part of the dynamics of Keith County, the City of Ogallala and Lake McConaughy

KKCB is the instructional force in Keith County for over 30 years in environmental education. Our organization, funded through various grants, focuses on public education in schools, in business and throughout the community to reduce litter, increase recycling and promote sustainable living for a clean, green beautiful place to live.

We live where people want to vacation. This is why KKCB works so hard to keep Keith County a clean, green, beautiful place for all to enjoy.
Christine Vail
Executive Director

Who we Are


The organization’s roots stem from Make Ogallala Beautiful, which began in 1981 in Keith County. KKCB started  under the city of Ogallala, NE with two coordinators employed by the organization. Then in 1999 we became an affiliated with Keep America Beautiful , becoming one of the first Nebraska locations. KKCB began to grow so in the early 1990’s we chaged the name Make Ogallala/ Keith County Beautiful. 

From the beginning the individuals involved in Make Ogallala/ Keith County Beautiful were forward thinking innovators. In 1994 the painting of the slab which memorializes the slogan, “Leave only your FOOTPRINTS, please!” was impplemented, through cooperation with game. To this day, the slab stands a strong reminder of our environmental responsibility to the area. KKCB, through a grant from Central Nebraska Public Power and Irrigation District repainted the slab in 2016. 

In 1993 Make Ogallala/ Keith County Beautiful moved to the Ogallala Keith County Chamber of Commerce and became Keith County Beautiful.  The organization and its board of directors set the formation for the current business of Keep Keith County Beautiful. Then in 2017 KKCB became a non-profit corporation with a governing board of directors and an executive director. 

Funding to KKCB is derived from various sources, however, the primary source of its revenue is the Nebraska Department of Environment and Energy (NDEE) and the Nebraska Environmental Trust.  

Our Team

Leadership Team


Christine Vail

Executive Director


Miranda Kewiatt

Educational Programs

Katherine Vail

Environmental Programs

Awards and achievements

We believe in recognizing work well done! Our community is outstanding in its green commitment. Acknowledging the efforts of Keith County is our privilege.

Keep America Beautiful Awards

  • National Award Winner: 2018, 2017, 2016, 2015, 2014
  • Presidential Circle Resignation:  2018, 2017
  • Affiliate Innovation Award: 2017
  • Community Improvement Award: 2014
  • Youth Advisory Award: 2016

Keep Nebraska Beautiful Business Industry Award 1st Place

The Nebraska Environmental Trust for Western Nebraska Regional Environmental Education Program: 2019 

Green Team Awards

Pepsico Recycle Rally top ten: 2018, 2017, 2016, 2015, 2014, 2013,and 2012

Keep Nebraska Beautiful School Recycling Award 2nd Place: 2017


installation & project development

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