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Recycling at Work is a voluntary national effort to increase recycling in the workplace. Please join the other businesses and organizations around the country that stepped up and took the pledge to increase workplace recycling. Recycling at Work offers you a 10-step action plan, discounts on recycling bins and other valuable tools to start and expand your workplace recycling program. Reduce your environmental impact. Make the commitment.​

They took the pledge

Our community is fortunate to have environmental leaders.

Charlotte Jenkins

Coach, Girls Lacrosse Team


George White

Coach, Boys Soccer Team

Caroline Cox

Coach, Girls Basketball team

Tips to improve workplace recycling

In Make workplace recycling easy.

  • At desk-side: Use the little trash bin along with a recycling bin. If not feasible, use equal-sized trash and recycling bins.
  • In common areas: Include paired recycling and trash bins.
  • Keep signage simple (see example).
  • Match messaging to bin: List most common recyclables on the recycling bin and trash items on the trash bin.

Maintain a consistent program throughout the building.

  • Establish a consistent recycling and trash bin set-up, as well as collection program, in all offices and common areas to decrease confusion for employees and janitorial staff. This will improve participation and the quality of recyclables.
  • Keep messaging consistent on bins, emails, fliers, and any other materials. Ensure that all janitorial staff receives the same information on recycling program guidelines.
A new study shows how office recycling and trash bin set-ups can increase recycling by 20%.

Want more information?

Keep Keith County Beautiful can answer questions you may have about taking the pledge.