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KKCB and Games and Parks work together to bring recycling to the lake. This allows our visitors to came and enjoy the outdoors while being green. 

Keep Keith County Beautiful have received additional grants for placement of over 50 ash receptacles around the lake.  Plus we provided free portable ashtrays and handheld ashtrays for businesses.


Through the Keith County Area Leadership Program  (KCALP) KKCB provides waste audits, material support, education and collection opportunities for our local and area businesses. 


Selected as one of the top youth groups in the U.S. our YAC is the driving force behind litter-free schools, trash fewer tree trails and Zero waste school programs. All paper, aluminum, and plastic is recycled at school and events. All collection is done by the kids.


Ogallala Public Schools have been supportive of green initiatives and recycling for many years.  Through environmental educational programs KKCB has been an active part of the success of the recycling at Prairie View schools.


The Recycle Rally program helps teach K-12 students valuable lessons about the importance of recycling and improving our environment while providing the opportunity for valuable rewards and prizes to green their schools.

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