Respect the Beach

Leave only your FOOTPRINTS, please!



Take the Plunge

Every year over a million people visit Lake McConaughy, NE.  With a variety of visitors form the passer by, the day tripper or the weekend warrior, they all come for fun at the beach. Lake Mcconaughy has 76 miles of shoreline and is the largest lake in the State.  The lake is our Natural Beauty and we have a responsibility to preserve and maintain its environment.

We have three programs that are dedicated to the lake and keeping the beaches a clean beautiful place for us all to enjoy. 

Join the Lake Mac Beach Crew

Download the KKCB Beachcrew app today!

KKCB took on a challenge and was innovative with technology. Through collaboration with a local company, we were able to create and app that allows everyone to volunteer when ever and where ever as long as they are in the county. The main focus of the clean up are the water ways. 

Recycle McConaughy

Through collaboration with WRG and Nebraska Game and Parks, KKCB has been able to provide 10 recycling bins around the lake for the use of the visitors of the park. We accept plastics, 1-7, aluminum, and cardboard. 

Green Campground

Eagle Canyon Hideaway has been the pilot for the green campground. They utilize all the programs the community has in place to ending littering, improve recycling, and beautify out natural environment. More locations to come. 

Get Involved!

Join the Beach Crew, every volunteer maters. Donate just 1 Hr and you will get a Lake Mac Beach Crew Shirts!