June Newsletter

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Another month has gone by and many new opportunities and changes has taken place. We have watched our country shut down its economic engine because of a virus, we have have seen protests resulting in looting and riots and people being hurt and killed, we have admitted we do not know the answers to many of the issues presented to our citizens.

But, what we do know is we are very glad to be in rural Nebraska. I am sure not one of us has said, I wish I was still in Denver or where ever during this recent uprising. Is it over? I don’t know, however, it is not effecting our ability to carry one and do business.

Will these occurrences affect the Nebraska Department of Environment and Energy going into 2021? On Monday of this week our monthly conference call with Keep Nebraska Beautiful, gave me the opportunity to ask Ruth Johnston that question. She stated that as a far as they knew the would be no effect on our funding in 2021. We have been given the opportunity to do a budget modification, extend our granting time for an extra year or simply return unused funds. this is something I will sit down and plan to the best of our ability.

This is a very different year for everyone and one of the constants we have had for many years is our litter index. We have been told by Keep America Beautiful that we will be able to skip a year on the index, however, we can do it if we want. I feel it is a good time to evaluate our litter environment in our city and surrounding communities, but, if we do it it should be soon, before all the grass is cut and we only see paper clippings everywhere. 

Please put on your calendar July 20th at 5:00 pm. We will be presenting the $20,000.00 check to The Ogallala Public School Board at the monthly meeting..

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