Change is the only thing that is constant. Embrace it, welcome it and be the agent for change! –
I have lived the larger part of my life recognizing change as my friend. I found out a while back that if you think everything is fine the way it is going, just wait! Life’s lessons are adapt, be the change agent and move to the next level of achievement. But, how do you measure the next level? How do you know if your actions have made a good or a bad addition to the change? Simply put, if you can move on and your efforts are intact and progressing you did make the difference. That is how I feel about our various accomplishments this school year. Prairie View School finished in the same place that we did last year in the Pepsico Recycle Rally, 7th Place, however added more bottles and cans to our total.

We did more things with the students this year in creating and implementing two special days for our Green Team to introduce the younger students to environmental issues. The kids made the booths, created the boards and learned the lesson to teach peer to peer. I was so excited to see the fresh enthusiasm bounding out of the kids, the organic ideas on how to share the lesson and the dedication to present the facts. These students get it! So, if they insist on not wasting, wanting to recycle everything under the sun or refusing to buy single use plastics, go with it!!!

In our cycle of seasons, we are coming into my single most favorite time of the year. Sun, Beach, sun and more beach! KKCB and Nebraska Game and Parks with being the 3rd year of our Recycle McConaughy program funded in part by the Nebraska Department of Environmental Quality. Our containers will be located in the same places as last year: Lake Ogallala, Martin Bay, Arthur Bay, Sandy Beach, Cedar Vue and Van’s Lakeview. I will ask you to remember no trash, no Styrofoam and NO GLASS. Who takes glass to the beach? Please, please don’t….

KKCB would also like to remind you to place your cigarette butts in the trash, not on the beach…. I quit smoking a couple of months ago and the mess I created with my cigarette butts remain under the deck. One day I will get to cleaning it up, but it is an inconvenient reminder of the waste prevalent because of that habit.

With school getting out and the Prairie View School finishing again in the top ten in the nation at 7th place, kindly be reminded that we will continue to have containers at the school and around town for recycling. Keep the efforts up and let’s go into next year with the impact and growth from this year.

And finally, we will be greeting our visitors soon. Remind them if you encounter guests that we recycle and we ask you to ‘Leave Only Your FOOTPRINTS, Please” Enjoy your summer, and make sure you are the agent for change by keeping Keith County beautiful!

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