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The Keep Keith County Beautiful message resonates with all.


2016 marks our 14th  year as an active organization in Keith County and our efforts will be accomplished by continuing to collaborate with our local public entities on programs offered to local residents and utilizing current relationships with businesses, schools and local residents. The Keep Keith County Beautiful board of directors is made up of local residents and professional individuals from our area. Established relationships, with local residents and businesses, continues to contribute to our success by providing feedback on events, suggestions for new programs and enhancements to current programs. Keep Keith County Beautiful continues to see recycling efforts increase and residents becoming more aware of environmental issues such as the effects of litter and the benefits of recycling.

In 2015 KKCB moved our location of the organization from the Chamber of Commerce to the newly established household recycling facility, Western Resources Group, (WRG). This move will enable the organization to be closely tied to the recycling efforts, goals and accomplishments in 2016.  The office of KKCB is strategic to the increase of recycling in Keith County and the surrounding areas.  Due to no local affiliates in the counties of Arthur, Perkins and Duell, we have included the residents in our programs. We receive no direct funding from these entities, yet are compelled to assist the counties in our education and litter reduction messages.


The single most important aspect of our program is behavior change.  We focus on the methods to increase the recycling mentality in our community and influence the young to make recycling a habit.  Through our young people we move forward every year in the number of families committed to recycling and litter reduction.  Our accomplishments through our school children in the national programs are evidence of a passion that will on for many generations.  My belief is the future is in our children.  The children of this area are cognizantly aware of the environment and by teaching preservation and good ecological practices we enhance the connection.

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