Going Green – June 2015

For the past two years our region of Western Nebraska can proudly state we are the national winners of the Pepsico Recycle Rally!  This year South Platte Schools in Big Springs placed first in the Challenge division and Prairie View placed second.  What an accomplishment for the children and the community.  Instilling the importance of recycling in our young is a large part of my job. This job is made easier by the efforts of community members such as Denise Moorhead and Rodney Howe. Both Denise and Rodney have accepted the challenge work with the children and teach them that each one of us can make a difference.  Thank you, both for all that you do for the children.

I recently read an article that stated Nebraska’s recycling rate is behind neighboring states.  The national average for recycling is about 34%, however Nebraskan recycle at a rate of about 17%, however that rate is up from 11% in 2103.  This rate is far below the national average, and lower than all the surrounding states, with Colorado at 22.8% and Kansas and Iowa at 24%.  I honestly believe that the rate of recycling in Keith county is far higher that the state’s average.  We don’t have curbside recycling here but we do have a facility that makes it pretty easy to pull up and unload your waste materials.  The key to increased recycling is ease of use.  Don’t hesitate to drop your recycling at one of many locations around town or bring it up to WRG, just north of Town.

Through grant funding by the Nebraska Department of Environmental Quality KKCB will be bringing you two special clean ups this summer and fall.  In August we will be holding a scrap tire collection.  This cleanup is for all residents of the area and is free of charge.  And, then in October, KKCB will be hosting a household hazardous waste cleanup and general cleanup.  We hope you will join us in preventing hazardous waste seeping into the ground.

Finally, I want to let you know that KKCB has moved into the offices at WRG.  We are very excited to be a part of this new entity in our region. Through a cooperative effort, we intend to increase recycling, make the process easy and efficient and get that number of Nebraskans recycling up to the national average!

Continue to recycle and by doing so, you will keep Keith County beautiful!