Going Green – July 2015

Welcome to summer!  It is my absolute favorite time of the year. It is in this time that we enjoy evenings having dinner outside on the patio, get up and walk in the morning, spend leisurely hours at the lake and enjoy our family and friends at backyard barbeques.  It is also the time that many cans of soda or adult beverages are consumed. Set up a garbage can just for your recycling aluminum.  If you drink from a can, you will be shocked at how fast this bin will fill.

As we continue to recycle, I want to remind you about a few items that I have noticed since Keep Keith County Beautiful has moved to our new location at Western Resources Group’s recycling facility. The first item is:  Only plastic #1 and #2 are currently being recycled in this plant.  We are seeking to put #3 through #7 on our list of recyclables, but at this time we cannot accept anything but #1 and #2.  Just a reminder, plastic #1 is the clear bottles from water, soda or other liquid.  Plastic #2 is the colored or cloudy plastic as in milk jugs and dish soaps.  We would also like to ask you to please rinse out your recycling.  A jug of milk that has been sitting in the heat of the summer, doesn’t smell so hot when run through the bailer. Also, please remove food from any cartons or plastic containers being recycled.

Striving to reach zero waste is difficult, but it can be done through recycling, composting and reusing.  One step to eliminating landfill waste is carton recycling.  Take your cereal boxes, your rice boxes and your pizza boxes and put it right in with the cardboard in the recycling containers located around town or at WRG.  You will be shocked with how much you can eliminate from your curbside garbage.  I know it is time consuming to separate all these recyclable materials but once you get into the habit, it will seem pretty easy.

We also want to remind you to start thinking about any scrap tires that you have and need to get rid of.  KKCB will be holding a Scrap Tire Cleanup at the Keith County Shop located at 1501 West 5th Street.  The event will run from August 6th to August 8th.  Call us for hours. This service is provided free of charge to residents of the area and we hope to have 150 tons of tires!  Every tire you buy in Nebraska has a $1.00 fee attached to fund these types of events.

Finally, on this Fourth of July weekend, with many visitors to our lake, I want to remind you to please be safe, throw away any litter from fireworks and ‘Leave only your FOOTPRINTS, please, to keep Keith County beautiful.