Going Green- August 2015

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This past week, Keep Keith County Beautiful and Keith County presented a Scrap Tire Amnesty day to the region.  The results of this event were outstanding.  We collected between 225 tons to 265 tons of scrap tires to be recycled.  That is awesome!

I want to publically thank the people who were so helpful in making this event successful.  Keith County’s Road Supervisor, Tim Ryan was essential in helping with the tire consolidation.  Even on Saturday morning, when 10 downed electric poles were closing a county road, Tim was there with his energy and smile to help us.

Kim Borer with the USDA and C.J. Poltack, with West Central Development District were so helpful in reaching our targeted audience. We were very fortunate to have had the Department of Environmental Quality increase our grant to fill the needs of the community, so we did not have to turn anyone away or charge for this service.

Recycling in general makes you feel good, but the amount of kindness and neighborly support in this cleanup was over the top.  I want to give a shout out to Dale Larrington and his grandson, Reese Larrington.  Dale and Reese two collected over 120 tires from the South Platte River near Roscoe! We also thank the Stevens family from Paxton, who collected tires from their neighbors who were unable to attend the cleanup on their own.  Driving alleys and knocking on doors, they helped the elderly and those who could not make it on their own. It make us feel so good to have all of you in southwestern Nebraska on our green team!!!

I hate to think about it, but, the children are heading back to school soon and we want to remind you to start to save your recycling of aluminum and plastics for the Recycle Rallies that will be going on in the area in a month.  Our School children are the first prize winners in the Universal league, for 2014 at Progress Elementary and first prize in the Challenge league for 2015 for South Platte Schools. This year, the schools will be in different divisions so we can shoot for First in two different categories.  I will update you as to where to take the recycling when it is time or follow the Dream Machine recycle rally page on Facebook.

Finally, we have one more cleanup coming in September.  On September 19th, starting at 8:00 am we will being our Household Hazardous Waste cleanup which will be held at WRG, located at 3305 W. H Street in Ogallala. We will be accepting large trash items, electronics, all recycling, and the hazardous stuff, which includes: paint, pesticides, varnish, batteries, mercury and anything you know you shouldn’t put down the drain.

Many thanks to residents of Ogallala, Brule, Paxton, Big Springs, Grant, Roscoe and Keystone for all you do! Let’s keep Keith County beautiful!